Paris Hilton Loses $2m Engagement Ring At Above & Beyond Show


Paris Hilton
Many of us already know what it’s like to go to an Above & Beyond‘s show. Their music reaches your soul and you can lose track of time and space. This is probably what happened to Paris Hilton Thursday night, as she got so carried away with the moment that she lost her $2M engagement ring.

The incident took place at former soda factory RC Cola Plant at Mana Wynwood, a venue with a 7,000 person capacity. Immediately after the ring was reported lost, security started an intensive search of the VIP area (where Hilton was dancing), until it was finally spotted and returned to her proud owner.

According to Hilton, she was dancing to the beats of Above & Beyond when suddenly the ring flew off of her finger, to be later found by her fiancé Chris Zylka inside of an ice bucket at a table nearby:

“The ring was just so heavy and big that while I was dancing it literally flew off my finger into an ice bucket a couple of tables over. Thank god by some miracle my fiancé found it before someone else did and most likely would not have returned it. I am so lucky! Thank goodness I have amazing karma!”

The british trio Above & Beyond will be performing as a surprise guest at Ultra Music Festival on Sunday, March 25th, closing the A State Of Trance stage. If you are planning on being there, we recommend that you leave your engagement ring at home.