Pioneer & Serato Team Up To Unveil New Budget Controller


Despite some rumors, Pioneer & Serato are once again teaming up to bring everyone the newest model of their most popular controller they ever made, the DDJ-SB3.

A couple of the new updates include a redesign of the layout and a feature designed in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff named, “Pad Scratch Mode“.

Let’s go over a couple of the differences between the DDJ-SB2 vs. the new model.

The layout has been slightly changed on the SB3 (Top Photo) in order to fall in line similarly with other DDJ models with now a Play/Pause and Cue button being added as well as a dedicated loop control being thrown into the mix as well.

An exciting new feature, “Pad Scratch Mode” is being introduced as well, a mode that enables DJs to quickly “imitate eight different scratch techniques recorded by DJ Jazzy Jeff.”

Jazzy Jeff himself also had this to add about the new feature explaining,

Any track that you’re playing or have cued up will be scratched, and the scratch speed automatically matches the track’s BPM. So even if you have no experience, you can create professional scratch performances without breaking rhythm. Use the feature in isolation or combine it with your own scratching on the other deck for limitless creative possibilities.”

and last but not least another exciting feature addition comes in the form of the, “FX Fade“. Simply put this mode, “reduces the volume AND applies an effect at the same time” something similarly found on the previous DDJ-1000.

Pioneer had this to speak about the new feature,

[FX fade] enables you to smoothly transition to your incoming track, even if you’re playing with different genres of music. There are eight FX patterns to choose from, with two of each of the following types: high pass filter, low pass filter, loop playback and back spin.

Below is a video explaining even more about this new controller.

That being said, are you excited to get your hands on this new controller?