No, Swedish House Mafia Did Not Break Up Again


Sunday is a huge day around the world tomorrow. The Christians are all celebrating Easter, but there’s an even bigger day the falls on Sunday. The dreaded April 1 aka April Fools day. It’s a bit off having April Fools fall on Easter Sunday, so you’re probably going to be caught off guard by the fake news around the internet. Frankly, by this April Fools day, we’re all so used to fake news the holiday has lost its impact. Thanks CNN. So no, Swedish House Mafia did not break up again.

Mixmag has set the world ablaze tonight in the US with the “news”, but that’s because they hit April Fools day before we did. It feels a bit weird for the sane side to be the one arguing in favor of a reunited Swedish House Mafia but that’s the brave new world we live in after Ultra 20.

Beware the fake news and April Fools!