Motion Made to Extend Tom Swoon’s Detainment After DUI Arrest


Back in December 2017, Tom Swoon made one of the worst decisions possible: deciding to drive while under the influence. According to reports, a vehicle was switching lanes when Swoon collided with his car, killing the passenger and sending the driver to the hospital.

He had 2 grams of alcohol in his system, which is over the legal limit in Poland. Almost immediately, the 24-year-old DJ was arrested and detained.

However, the investigation has not yet been completed. The prosecutor’s office has filed to extend the detention until the trial or possible plea deal takes place. There is no equivalent of a cash bail system in Poland, which means that detention proceeding a trial during time of investigation is decided by the courts. Tom Swoon will face 12 years behind bars if convicted of his crimes at trial.

No news has been reported on the artist since his arrest. It’s safe to say that the world of Tom Swoon has collapsed.