Ultra Music Festival Reaffirms Security Priorities



Ultra Has Amped Up Their Security Detail and Resources

With Ultra Music Festival right around the corner, they have decided to amp up their security for this year.

Undoubtedly, UMF will be prepared after the devastating mass shooting at the Las Vegas festival in 2017. Ultra Chief of Security Ray Martinez stated:

“We’re always concerned. Safety and security is our primary mission”

Furthermore, Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz stated that they added resources to protect attendees, which they will not reveal. Additionally, the SWAT team is on standby if anything arises. Ray Martinez stated as well:

“Fortunately, Miami Police Department is a premiere law enforcement, and they put together some tactics and plans to guard against that and try to prevent anything from happening”

Moreover, if you see anything suspicious call 911 immediately. It is sad that festivals, where people go to unite and have fun, have to resort to such measures. In detail, check out the news coverage down below: