Valentino Khan Releases Official Video for ‘Lick It’


Related image Valentino Khan is back at it with another provocative yet always entertaining music video. This time it is for his newest hit single, ‘Lick It‘.

If you were at Miami Music Week this weekend, you definitely heard this track on multiple occasions, as it was one of the most played tracks in Miami this weekend. There is no question Valentino Khan has an extraordinary talent in producing hit tracks as every track he produces instantly becomes popular with the crowd. However, it is starting to seem like Valentino also has quite the eye for entertaining music videos.

Valentino’s music video for ‘Pump‘ featured a wild pool party with some NSFW content. Now Khan has finally released a music video for his latest hit ‘Lick It‘, and by the title, I’m sure you can guess that it features some provocative content as well. I won’t spoil it for you so without further delay, check out Valentino’s new music video for ‘Lick It’ below now.