Watch Vin Diesel Cake Steve Aoki!


Steve Aoki is known for having some insanely epic shows. He would even tend to join the crowd for some fun and crowdsurfing on an inflatable raft. One tradition that has really stuck out over the years is Aoki’s infamous cake launching which fans go crazy for.

Cut back to last friday night when Aoki was in Los Angeles for a stop on his Kolony tour at The Shrine. He had various guests there that ranged from his opening act Desiigner, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, Jeremy Scott, and his sister Devon Aoki. However, one special guest who happened to be attending that night was none other than Fast & The Furious star Vin Diesel. And he was looking to partake in the action that night.

Seen in the video below, Diesel yells at the crowd, “I want to cake someone tonight!“. And none other than Steve Aoki himself volunteered to do the honors as Diesel launches the cake at him.

Check out the video yourself and check out the awesome cake launch in action!