WILL K – Tasty (Ft. Thayana Valle)



WILL K – Tasty (Ft. Thayana Valle)

Australian DJ/producer WILL K has made a name for himself through his successful track releases and performances. From his previous collab with Jebu, WILL K knows what to bring to the table and never disappoints. Today, he is excited to drop his new single entitled “Tasty” featuring singer Thayana Valle. This combo includes a house vibe that you can imagine hearing at a nightclub. Released by Heldeep Records, there is nothing tastier than this!

“Tasty” embarks an upbeat tune that quickly gains the attention of listeners with its deep basslines and catchy beats. The groovy rhythm will take control of the crowd with the percussion sounds and scratch effects. The build-up is insane as it hypes up fans before they can break loose during the drop. Its mesmerizing female vocals add the perfect touch that completes the track. With no more waiting, check out and listen to WILL K’s latest production!

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