WUKI – Chop It featuring Bri Berlay


Wuki is back this year with some new heat! If you have followed Wuki for the past couple of months, you would definitely know that the producer has been promoting his WukiLeaks brand into a full tour across North America. Even halfway through the tour, the producer shows no sign of slowing down. Today, WukiLeaks bestowed upon us their first new single, Chop It featuring Bri Berlay.

With roots in Pennsylvania, the born-and-bred creative – real name: Kris Barman – has released tracks across a wide spectrum of genres, seamlessly mixing booty, breaks, electro and house beats into a rich discography. True to his style, Chop It bring forth a blend of different styles and sounds to create a unique listening experience, not forgetting the upbeat vocals of Brooklyn based singer Bri Beri.

Listen to Chop It now on Soundcloud.

Wuki – Chop It