Alexander Popov – Magus



Alexander Popov – Magus

Russian Trance star Alexander Popov is a staple in the electronic music industry. Nearly a year after he started his own label, Interplay, Popov releases what is arguably the best track yet produced on the blooming label. ‘Magus‘ has the makings of a lasting, dominant festival track.

Since he first started producing in 2001, Popov has been able to conjure up sonic euphoria at the flick of a wrist. He produces a burst of color that excites and enchants. He offers magical melodies and captivating harmonies that will prove irresistible right off the bat.

This track is one of many collaborations between Alexander Popov and Armada. Popov signed his first contract with Armada in 2010 and can look back at these last eight years with pride. He is one of the highest acclaimed DJs from Russia, alongside ARTY. Here’s to hoping Popov continues this brilliant run that he’s been on. We can’t wait to see what this summer has in store for him.