Coachella Increases Security With Drones To Prevent Potential Mass Shooting



In just a couple short weeks, Coachella will be upon us. The event is one of the biggest festivals yet, which means extra preparations must be arranged, and sometimes, it’s not always fun.

Law enforcement and Coachella organizers are equipping the grounds with extra security in case of a potential mass shooting. They do not want something similar to the Las Vegas shooting to happen, which had 58 killed and over 800 injured.

Due to the risk of a similar circumstance occurring again, here’s what’s going to happen. Coachella will have medical supplies designed to cope with massive blood loss and trauma on hand. An increased stock of tourniquets and other supplies along with enhanced security at the event are also evident.

Drones will be surveying the crowds, keeping an eagle eye out for anything or anyone suspicious. Alongside the standard metal detectors and pat downs, getting in may be a pain, but it just may save your life. Police and security will be put through a special training as an extra precaution. They will learn to properly survey the festival grounds. Every trash can is checked and any suspicious activity that looks out of place will be identified. The festival team is ready and prepared for a possible disaster or attack at the festival.

The first weekend of Coachella starts April 13 through April 15; the second weekend starts April 20 and ending April 22. From delicious food to world-class art, Coachella offers numerous experiences to enjoy along with a killer lineup this year. Headliners Eminem, Beyonce, and The Weeknd among many other artists will fill the stages for another sold-out year.

You’ll still be able to meander through the large-scale, art installations and take photos. Get lost in the music and rage all weekend. Goldenvoice searches far and wide to make each year’s experience better than the last. But for now, let’s remember: safety first.