EDMTunes Chats With KURA About Music In 2018 [Interview]

Courtesy KURA via Twitter

You’re playing ULTRA for the first time on its 20th anniversary. What does that mean to you and how have you prepared for it?

I’m still preparing, getting back to the hotel after this, to see the structure of the set because I just found out who’s playing before and after so knowing that I’m going to try and change it up. So it’s very nice to be playing, very happy and excited.

What can you tell us about new music coming from you in 2018?

So I have a new collab with Mr. Black and with a Brazilian funk singer MC K9 and it’s a mixture of my sound with a latin vibe and its a very cool fusion of sounds. Then we have another collaboration with Jimmy Clash called ‘Young and Invisible.’ After that I have a couple tunes with Spinnin’ and they are a new sound for me. I wanted to try something new, a little bit more clubby, it has my own vocals on it as well.

How would you say your music has evolved from a few years ago?

I would say it has evolved a lot. My approach to music now is a little bit more intelligent than it was back then. I didn’t have a plan of what I wanted to do, not in terms of commercially what markets I wanted to get not in that area but like yeah I want to get this vibe with that vibe, mix this culture with that culture. The trips I’ve been on have helped with that to get inspiration. I believe my music now is much more evolved, much more intelligent. Even in the way that it’s structured.

What’s a city or country your travels have taken you on that inspire you? 

Definitely Japan, and Tokyo. The people the place, feel such good energy there. You have to go there if you have the chance.

What’s the best part about playing in front of a crowd?

Just connecting you know, with a group of people that share one hour with you. All that’s leading up to that moment, the people who are there to see you have prepared. For me it’s amazing you can express everything you are as an individual and share everything you’ve been creating in the studio for such a long time. And I wouldn’t be able to choose between the studio and playing live. The creative part of being in the studio, turning your idea from a computer out to the world, it’s insane.