EDMTunes Chats With Lucas & Steve [Interview]

Lucas & Steve
Lucas & Steve joined by Hardwell

How Did Lucas & Steve Form? 

Lucas: We know each other from primary school, that’s kind of a long time ago, but I’m two years older than Steve so we never really got to meet but we knew each other. I think 17 or 16 and I was playing in a small club in a town in the Netherlands and we were looking for someone to enhance the DJ team and we hosted a DJ contest and Steve entered it was incredible what he was doing so that’s why he won.

Tell me about Skyline sessions and how its evolved into Skyline College.

Lucas: When we started producing we really wanted a mentor, who could teach us more about producing music and how to enhance your sound, but the thing is we didn’t have that so we had to learn by ourselfes. That’s really fun but we thought it would be nice to use all the knowledge that we’ve gained and distribute it to people who really need it. It’s gonna be a really exclusive look at how we work and how we do things, how we make our sounds how we come to certain ideas. We’ve never done that before.

Steve: There are so many talented producers out there but they don’t know how to achieve their goals so thats what we’re trying to achieve. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while and it’s finally going to happen in April.

This is your second time in Miami, what’s your favorite thing to do/eat while in Miami? 

Lucas: When we’re in the states, Five Guys. Gotta go there, gotta go there. It’s our thing.

Steve: Great weather so we love sitting by the pool and doing nothing while we’re here.

Are there any artists you draw inspiration from? 

Lucas: It’s difficult, we really try to think who inspires us but Axwell /\ Ingrosso doing amazing stuff- Chainsmokers, Don Diablo. But mostly just a big pool of music that we get inspiration from- even jazz music anything that we hear and like and want to make it our own.