EDMTunes Chats With The Him About New Music and More [Interview]

The Him
Steven (left) and Jeroen (right) form The Him

You guys are playing a ton of shows this week and finishing off playing alongside Chainsmokers at Story on Sunday, what are some challenges when it comes to getting so much music ready for such a jam-packed week?

Jeroen: To be honest we’re constantly working on new music and like for us it’s a marathon thing, you gotta keep making, keep making so we do have some new remixes and things that we’re trying out, and in the process of being done and then last minute you have to finish everything up. Definitely some crunch time.

I see you’re playing Shaky Beats for the first time this spring, what’s your favorite part about playing a new festival?

Steven: Every time you play a new festival we’re always really curious how people will react to the music. We always try to give them the best time they can have, it’s always a really big challenge for us.

J: A festival like that it’s kind of like a family they already have a feeling and a vibe and you don’t know what that’s gonna be.

Any new music on the horizons? Can we expect any major collabs this year?

S: Yes! I don’t think we can name it yet, but we do have a song coming out soon with Spinning’ in April.

J: In May we have a really big radio song with a cool collaboration on it. And in June we have another club release. A lot of music ready.

How did The Him start?

J: We were both based in Amsterdam, we were doing more underground stuff more techno and we’d seen each other in that scene backstage a couple times. And then at a certain point, we were at a festival in Amsterdam and we started talking about making music and producing and really quickly we both found out we were interested in more pop stuff, more melodic stuff. We decided to go in the studio, it started as a joke, we did bootlegs. Then a little bit of success and that’s how we formed.

What’s your favorite drink to have when you’re out and about in Miami?

S: Vodka sodas

J: Tequila!