i_o’s ‘Lazers’ Will Take you on a Journey Through Space and Time


i_o – Lazers

It’s been a busy few months for i_o since his inaugural debut with his track ‘Warning’ back in December. The LA producer has popped up on some noticeable platforms such as  Mau5trap, Jauz’s Bite This along with being featured on a NEST HQ Guest Mix.

Now, i_o is back with another track that will lift you out of your seat. Released on Andrew Rayel’s inHarmony Music, i_o brings us ‘Lazers’. An exciting blend of industrial techno and progressive sounds, that will take even the most novice listener on a riveting musical journey.

Beginning with a simple yet euphoric string of melodies and soft beats, ‘Lazers’ grabs you by the soul and lifts you before dropping you into a rhythmic void filled with beats and laser like synths. After hearing this track it’s no wonder why i_o has been gaining so much traction. With the fusion of euphoric sounds and hypnotic rhythms, ‘Lazers’ is a track that will put you on a path of transcendence.

i_o – Lazers