Jameston Thieves – Pressure


PressureJameston Thieves – Pressure

Few artists can get you head-banging quicker than Jameston Thieves. His wide range of production chops leaves his fans guessing what he will do on every release. His latest track is called ‘Pressure’, and it’s a tasteful blend of all his favorite genres.

Mixing elements of dancehall and future bass, this fresh tune has wobbly progressions and a fantastic groove. The vocals are present just enough to provide a switch up in energy, before the massive chords and bass slaps come back in with full energy. His tasteful blend of gnarly sound design and beautiful melodies make this a truly great track.

Though he has gotten some flack on the SoundCloud track for going with a more mainstream release, he assures fans that he never personally releases music that he doesn’t like and is constantly pushing the boundaries while exploring new sounds. This makes us all excited to see what the rest of 2018 holds for this producer.

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