Kryder Closes Sosumi Records and Launches Kryteria Records


English DJ Kryder has been steadily growing his fan base over the past few years. After his catapulting moment where he released ‘Aphrodite’ on Axtone Records, Kryder has continued to release his originals on some of the biggest labels in world. However, this DJ proved that he was a positive influence for the music industry when he created his free imprint Sosumi Records. Sosumi Records was a breath of fresh air for the label industry as it focused on new talent and allowed them to bring their music to a larger audience without restriction. It was a way to give artists freedom and to also help them find a mentor.

Now, Kryder has announced that Sosumi is coming to an end. ‘The Sax Delivery’ by The Cube Guys is the label’s 100th and final release.

As stated in his Facebook post and on Twitter, the end of Sosumi Records is accompanied by a huge new opportunity for Kryder – Kryteria Records. The new imprint holds a lot of promise as it is a collaboration with Spinnin’ Records, making it start with a lot of potential to create a bigger and exciting collection of music. If the label is representative of Kryder’s style then we can expect a host of trend setting sounds to be coming from it. Keep your ears peeled to hear what Kryteria Records’s first releases have in store.