[Premiere]: LNY TNZ ft. Laurell & Mann – After Midnight


LNY TNZ ft. Laurell & Mann – After Midnight

Music is so much more than just one single genre. That’s why it’s so great when artists pull elements from others and even produce in other genres. And few producers are as versatile or as accomplished at that as LNY TNZ. From their hard dance roots and early releases with Ruthless, to their trap productions with Yellow Claw, to their more recent electro house releases and everything in between, the Dutch duo has done it all with style. And for their first single of 2018 they’re taking a different direction with ‘After Midnight‘.

“‘After Midnight’ is that sexy, messy sing-a-long afterparty anthem for all those blurry nights you wish you could remember!”

The trumpet laden intro and subsequent addition of Canadian singer Laurell’s luscious vocals sets the tone for the track. From there, rapper Mann’s smooth bars builds upon that and adds depth to the track. And all of the elements come together to create the quintessential radio track perfect for the upcoming summer. Give it an early listen below and be sure to keep an eye out for its official release on April 19th.

LNY TNZ ft. Laurell & Mann – After Midnight