MEMBA & Mothica – Chasing Light


MEMBA & Mothica – Chasing Light

MEMBA & Mothica are two producers who have been on a hot streak throughout 2018. Taking unique blends from a variety of genres, they compile these flavors all into some banging future bass tunes. The latest of these releases is titled ‘Chasing Light’, and its the perfect vocal track for your week.

The main energy of the track comes from the swing of the percussions combining with the movement of the chords. The pounding percussions have a certain swagger that only these producers could achieve, providing the perfect foundation for the chords to work over the top. Complimenting the lush chord progressions is a deep and dirty bass line playing in time with the kick drums. The vocals come in during the second break, giving a nice reprieve while still keeping the energy spiraling forward.

Check out the stream below, because this is a track that is sure to make its way onto at least a few of your weekend playlists.

MEMBA & Mothica – Chasing Light: Free Download