Ørjan Nilsen Releases First Single Of New Album


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Ørjan Nilsen is set to release the third studio album of his iconic career, ‘Prism’. He has also gifted fans across the globe with a taste of what’s to come with the first single, ‘Million Miles Away’ (feat. Rico).

Ørjan first made some serious waves in the EDM scene in 2006. He released his first studio album, ‘In My Opinion in 2011, followed by ‘No Saint Out of Me’ in 2013. Now, after a nearly five-year studio album hiatus, Ørjan will release ‘Prism’ on May 18th.

The Norwegian native is adept at adapting his style of music based on every kind of dance music environment. With this first track off his new album, Ørjan delivers a colorful blast of summer vibes which will be sure to find its way onto the floors of beach clubs around the world.

In fact, Ørjan drew inspiration for this track from the sandy beaches of Ibiza:

Ibiza is a very inspiring place for many producers and I am no different. It was after a quick visit to the island that the summer vibe had caught up with me and stuck this melody in my head. I recreated it, but it was not as perfect as I’d like it to be. This is where Rico’s vocals came in. The combination of the melody and the vocal reminds me of all things positive and summery.”

For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting the paradise known as Ibiza, you’ll know exactly what Ørjan is hinting at. This track is an excellent introduction to what is sure to be an iconic album!

Check out the track below and be sure to get your copy of the album May 18th.