Will Clarke – Take A Seat


 Will Clarke – Take A Seat

Will Clarke is amongst the best of the best when it comes to innovative house music. Aside from consistently touring, Clarke hosts his own radio show The Barber Shop which features the likes of Christian Martin, Mak & Pasteman, Cristoph, Friend Within, and more. He always has something in the works that impresses every time. Continuing that streak, the well-loved label mainstay has had a special track hidden in the Dirtybird Records vault for some time now. The oh so tasteful tune ‘Take A Seat‘ is finally out and people are going nuts over what some call “Clarke’s best track to date”.

The phrase “freak on my feet, people take a seat” may sound extremely familiar to house fans who have attended a show in the last year. The dubby track is subtle yet powerful with ruthless synths and basslines that grab your attention immediately. ‘Take A Seat’ stands out with the effortlessly catchy vocals and unique bass lines that wobble throughout the song. It is guaranteed to be mixed into endless sets in the festival circuit even more so than it already has.

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