Ashley Wallbridge feat. Nash – Gods


Ashley Wallbridge feat. Nash – Gods

English DJ and producer Ashley Wallbridge returns with this almighty instrumental on Garuda entitled ‘Gods‘. The track features new talent, Nash, and is perfectly designed. Hailing from the United Kingdom’s Stoke On Trent, Wallbridge has amplified his career from the undying passion of the crowds in front of him. His studio serves as a haven of musical content that liberates him. He has been able to tap from a bottomless well of creativity, in turn churning out exceptional originals that lead to various remix requests.

‘GODS’ reverberates in sections to give the listener a true sense of power. Feel yourself conjuring vast oceans and mountains for this is the true feeling of being a prime mover. Sprinkled throughout the song are fluttering vocal effects that rise like vapor. Soon, the piercing synths shine through in the breakdown like divine light. The concoction of sounds masterfully bring together the track before rushing forth with indisputable awe. Absolute power… this is GODS.

The waves Ashley Wallbridge make are getting bigger every time he produces. The envelope of his own sound develops each time. It is with this kind of mindset that allows him to ride those waves as the scene leader he is.

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