CHIMES – Trust


chimes trust

CHIMES – Trust

Draper and Paul Aiden, also known as the London based duo CHIMES, are known for their pop/electronic mixes. As their reputation continues to grow, they recently dropped their latest single entitled “Trust“. As we all know, trust is an important character trait that is valued in relationships. With that being said, their unique sounds will give you the feels as their lyrics share a story. Released by BonFire Records, CHIMES definitely knows how to connect with their audience through their talent.

“Trust” begins with the male vocals and it is sung in an acapella. As the song progresses, the synths and percussions are added to elevate the verse. During the build-up, the tempo speeds up and the lyrics encourage listeners to hold on to trust when things fall apart. Once the drop plays, the simple beats and soaring synths will give you those feel-good vibes. Take a listen to “Trust” down below and let us know what you think.

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