Nitti Gritti – In This


Nitti Gritti In This

Nitti Gritti – In This

Nitti Gritti‘s newest track is a main room dubstep banger. ‘In This‘ is an unofficial collaboration between Nitti and his good friend Kyle, aka Kompany. The description for the track on SoundCloud explains that Kompany’s name couldn’t be on the track, but Nitti Gritti wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due. But clearly the two work well together, as demonstrated by this monster track.

‘In This’ features all the elements of a track that dubstep fans love. Full of heavy, punching kicks, light synth melodies, and that grimy, industrial vibe, Nitti Gritti’s latest track is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The amount of positive reception the song has had in just one day cement it’s popularity among EDM fans.

Listen below to Nitti Gritti’s ‘In This’. And surprise, you can download this new track FOR FREE on SoundCloud! Let us know what you think about ‘In This’ and how hard it bangs on the dance floor.