Orjan Nilsen – In A Thousand Ways (Feat. Rykka)


orjan nilsen

Orjan Nilsen – In A Thousand Ways (Feat. Rykka)

Norwegian DJ and producer Orjan Nilsen has made a name for himself in the trance/house community. With his talent, he collaborated with singer/songwriter Rykka for their new single “In A Thousand Ways“. The song has a relaxing acoustic tune that later transitions into a house mix. Its unique sound gives listeners a calming effect yet still having an upbeat tempo. Released by “In My Opinion (Armada)”, this masterpiece is something listeners will enjoy!

“In A Thousand Ways” begins with the acoustic guitar sounds and it introduces the female vocals. The lyrics hold a special meaning as it allows you to feel alive and live in the moment. During the build-up, the tempo speeds up with the drum beats and bass. When the drop releases, the house vibes take over and elevate the overall production. If you can’t wait to hear this song live, Orjan Nilsen is on tour and you can watch him at a city near you.

Check out and listen to “In A Thousand Ways” down below.