Shift K3Y – ‘Bite’ and ‘Cowbell’


Shift K3Y – ‘Bite’ and ‘Cowbell’

London based Lewis Jankel is better known by his stage name Shift K3Y.  In a February article we discussed his extensive history in the music industry as producer for some of the biggest names in mainstream music and premiered his track ‘Only You.’ The dance floor hit put Shift K3Y firmly on our radar and now we have another surprise. We’re premiering two of three tracks from his new Bite EP, out May 18th on Night Bass Records.

The title track ‘Bite’ is an impressive follow up track to ‘Only You.’  Both tracks lead in with a male vocalist and drop into a solid instrumental section. But that is where they go their separate ways, evidenced by the fact this EP got signed to Night Bass. The atmosphere of this track is so thick you could swim in it and it is accentuated perfectly with a four beat delay at the drop before the bass kicks in. With its enticing vocal section, delayed drops, and a heavy dose of wobble in the bassline, the track showcases Jankel’s affinity for playing in deep down in the low end.

Cowbell’ on the other hand feels much more fun and playful. While it still delivers a solid product underneath, most of the energy of the EP’s second track revolves around the synth line and, obviously, the cowbell. With three short melodic breakdowns and the vocal drop “Get up with it, I’m ‘bout to go live” you’ll find yourself out of your seat in no time. This bouncy track is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face while they are jamming out with their friends.

You can listen to both ‘Bite’ and ‘Cowbell’ in the links below. We couldn’t snag the last track ‘Don’t Look Back,’ but if you liked these first two tracks you’ll definitely want to check it out! Shift K3Y’s Bite EP is out on Night Bass Records on May 18th. We’ll see you on the dance floor!