[Event Review] Anjunabeach SoCal Delivers Unforgettable Moments


It was a semi cloudy day but the weather wasn’t too chilly and the beach looked amazing. The stage was all set and it was just a matter of hours before Anjunabeach SoCal in Huntington Beach, CA officially went underway. What was to be expected was a unique experience with the Anjunafamily, the Anjunabeats lineup roster and of course the guys themselves, Above & Beyond.

“Life Is Made Of Small Moments Like This.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

When the venue opened up, I made my way to the stage to get ready to catch the first performance of the night – an Above & Beyond Special Yoga Set with Paavo and Elena Brower and it was a real treat and truly something special.

Above & Beyond (Yoga Set)

“Paavo & Elena Brower Taking The Stage For A Special Above & Beyond Yoga Set To Kick Off Anjunabeach” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes
“Paavo Taking In The Moment During The Special Yoga Set.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

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The yoga set had been something completely new to me and it was absolutely calming and it made you feel at peace. Elena Brower did a phenomenal job walking everyone through the various positions and narrating the entire set with such peaceful words. The set also got you all stretched out to get your ready for an evening full of dancing with the next artists.


“Luttrell In The Mix @ AnjunaBeach SoCal.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

We had kicked off Anjunabeach with the first set of the evening with Luttrell and he had the crowd vibing and moving as everyone just enjoyed themselves and got familiar with everyone around them.

Lane 8

“Lane 8 Taking Control Of The AnjunaBeach For His Set.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

Lane 8 took the stage next with the second set of the evening and proceeded to also fill the beach with nothing but great vibes that just got you up and moving. Definitely a right fit for the occasion!

Mat Zo

“Mat Zo Picking Things Up And Getting Everyone Jumping Around.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

Mat Zo was up next for the evening and he definitely changed the tempo and picked things up with his electrifying beats that got everyone jumping and really dancing around.

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Above & Beyond

“Paavo & Tony From Above & Beyond Taking The Stage To Close The Evening With One Last Set.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes

It was time for the main event themselves, Above & Beyond and they did what they do best and took everyone in attendance at Anjunabeach Socal for a rollercoaster ride of emotions during their set.

They dropped so many of their memorable hits and plenty of great tracks from their latest release, “Common Ground“. They had the entire crowd singing along and dancing our hearts out as we simply took it all in and enjoyed what was one amazing set on Huntington Beach that night.

They even surprised me when they dropped Virtual Self‘s ‘Ghost Voices’, a track that in itself in just something else.

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They ultimately ended the evening with a song that was truly meant for such an occasion, a true treasure from the Oceanlab catalog, “On The Beach“.

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Final Thoughts

The event was one of a kind. It was an experience with such a beloved group on an amazing beach setting – you simply couldn’t ask for more. Of course the event wasn’t totally perfect there were some hit and misses but that just means there is always room for improvement and hopefully for the next round in Mexico they will be more prepared. I thought I had a truly amazing night and it is a small moment I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

“Paavo & Tony Embrace As Anjunabeach SoCal Comes To A Close.” Charlie Vargas/EDMTunes