Best Tracks of 2018… (So Far)


We got the Top 15 Best Tracks So Far of 2018! Starting with…

15Darude and Ashley Wallbridge- Surrender

Darude teamed up with Ashley Wallbridge for an incredible kick off to 2018 with, “Surrender”. This is an uplifting 90s/early 2000s trance track which gives you complete throwback nostalgia.

14Armin van Buuren x Shapov- The Last Dancer

Armin van Buuren finds a groovy combination of trance and progressive with Shapov in their newest collab, “The Last Dancer”. This track has a perfect blend of a euphoric melody and a high energy beat that you’ll just love to vibe to!

13Loud Luxury- Body

“Body” by DJ Duo, Loud Luxury, has hit above 71 millions views on Spotify! This has been their biggest record yet!

12Above and Beyond- Red Rocks

Everyone we know is a huge fan of Above and Beyond, and they have done it again! “Red Rocks” is ‘named after the legendary Colorado outdoor amphitheater, the place where they first dropped the song.

11Tchami X Malaa- Kurupt

Tchami and Malaa have been inseparable since their “No Redemption Tour”. The vibe between the two is electrifying. “Kurupt” has a heavy house beat with a lightness to it, which is all you need to become addicted to this track!

10Steve Angello- Paradiso

Steve Angello, part of the legendary trio Swedish House Mafia, came out with ‘Paradiso’ and it was such an anthem in April! The fast pace melody and captivating beats hypnotize you. This will always be a banger!

9REZZ- Witching Hour

You are immediately casted over a spell with REZZ’s newest track, “Witching Hour”. She chose to release this new track four days earlier than expected, and we were all so excited! A haunting vibe, with insane heavy beats and fire drops. This is exactly why everyone falls in love with REZZ!

8Camelphat- Panic Room

Camelphat has made his signature mark with this track “Panic Room”. Deep beats, per usual, with bass for days and incredible vocals by Au/Ra hits the feels. This is who Camelphat is, this is his signature sound.

7Slander X Wavedash- Move Back

‘Move Back’ is a perfect representation on who Slander and Wavedash are in the music world. These heavy, insane drops will make your eyes roll and your body shake… yes it’s that good! This song is straight fire, whether you like it or not!

6ILLENIUM and Kill The Noise- Don’t Give Up On Me

We all have a soft spot for ILLENIUM, because he kills it every time! His new collab with Kill The Noise is, once again, outstanding. The fusion of Illenium’s euphoric melody and KTN’s heavy hitting drops are absolutely perfect!

5Valentino Khan- Lick It

Once again, another stellar track by Valentino Khan! We just cannot get enough of his new track ‘Lick It”. Beware: listening discretion is advised…you will be hit with nasty vocals, crazy bass and a drops that make you want to get down. Plus, the music video is absolutely hilarious!

4Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa- One Kiss

Well, Calvin Harris is finally BACK!!! We’ve been waiting for him to come back to our world for some time now! ‘One Kiss’ made his mark for 2018 with vocals by rising artist, Dua Lipa. This song hit No. 1 on two Billboard dance charts (dated June 2): Dance Club Songs (2-1) and Dance/Mix Show Airplay (3-1).

3Pryda- Elements

Pryda, aka Eric Prydz, is a pure musical genius! ‘Elements’ plays 4 beats that venture off into a beautiful, yet dirty mix of bass and soft syths. This is Pryda.

2Kaskade X BROHUG- Fun

This is throwing us back to Ultra 2018, when Kaskade got the whole crowd jumping during his new collab ‘Fun’ with trio, BROHUG and Mr. Tape. More of a pop-vibe, which is slightly different with all these different artists, but it works and we love it! This is a summer-time, good vibes track!

And here is your #1 Track of the year so far..

1Seven Lions & Jason Ross- Ocean

What can we say, ‘Ocean’ by Seven Lions and Jason Ross has hit us all right in the feels. You know exactly why this song is number 1. It is pure genius, and masterful at best! The vocals by Jonathan Mendelsohn are out of this world, and the melodic beats and undertones are flawless! Check out some comments from youtube fans below:

“Seven Lions and Jason Ross always make for an amazing combo, and it’s hard to choose a better vocalist than Jonathan Mendelsohn”- Jonah K.

Seven Lions + Jason Ross is the duo I want to keep listening to…”- Sameer G.

“Jonathan with Seven Lions? I knew this was going to be an emotionally strong song before even clicking on it” – Nick P.