Calvin Harris & Hakkasan Group Announce New Partnership to Eliminate Plastic Straws


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Calvin Harris has recently teamed up with the Hakkasan Group to eliminate all single-use plastic straws in the group’s clubs. That’s right, this is the last straw (literally)!

The successful hospitality giant has numerous restaurants and nightclubs around the globe. Many are in Las Vegas, where Calvin has an exclusive residency. Together, they’ve realized what kind of environmental impact that they have had throughout the years. Part of this is due to the vast amount of plastic straws distributed throughout the years.

It has been reported that a whopping 500 million straws are utilized and discarded every  day in the USA alone. This adds to the already shocking 175 billion that find their way into the oceans and waterways. In additon, several Fortune 500 businesses are equally pledging to jump on board with this important cause.

 “My friend and tour photographer Conor McDonnell has been working closely with the World Wildlife Fund and has been sharing his first-hand experience of the damage plastic waste is doing to the environment. We want to reduce the impact of harmful plastics, so we decided to take action. I am grateful to Hakkasan Group for supporting us and helping us make a difference, I hope other venues in the city and around the world will do the same. In the fast-paced environment in which we operate, it’s easy to lose sight of wider social issues on which we have an impact. –Calvin Harris stated.

In addition, Hakkasan will begin phasing out plastic straws immediately throughout numerous other day-clubs. These include Omnia, Jewel and Wet Republic.

We encourage our followers to lead by this fantastic example. As the announcement reads, “small actions can make a difference“.