GNX – Empire


GMX – Empire

GNX is already a name that a lot of trance fans will recognize. His Fuzzy Junkie EP on Soundpiercing got an official remix from trance master Genix. Now his newest track will be released on one of the most exclusive trance labels in the world. ‘Empire,’ out now on Armin Van Buuren‘s Armind Records, is definitely a crowning success for GNX’s budding career.

‘Empire’ is everything you could want in a trance tune. Melodic yet hard-hitting, soothing yet energizing, GNX’s masterpiece leads the listener through an emotional journey. Embracing both the hard trance sound that is so popular today and utilizing an airy, epic breakdown, this song leaves you satisfied on both ends. As a track selected for inclusion on Armind, this should probably be expected.

You can listen to ‘Empire’ in the link below. Let us know what you think about the newest release on Armind. And after this monster tune, you can expect that GNX will be back for more.

GNX – Empire