Hot Rumors Fly of Flume Dating 40-Year-Old Author Kelly Oxford


Celebrity love is something we all love to dig our noses into. One of EDM’s hottest artists, Flume, just got added to that list. That’s right, 26-year-old Harley Edward Streten is most likely dating 40-year-old and best-selling author, Kelly Oxford!

We received the news from sources at TMZ. Flume and Kelly met at a house party last fall and have apparently been dating strong for months ever since. The Australian DJ has more than 1 million followers on Instagram but has now shown up on her IG going back as far as last November! How are we just hearing about this now?

Who is Kelly Oxford exactly? She is a Canadian mother of three and a gorgeous catch, if you ask us. While she divorced her husband of 18 years in 2016, she has been able to hold her own and stay strong. She has written 2 books–New York Times Best Seller “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar” and a couple screenplays. She’s also the sick head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Let’s also mention she developed and starred in a comedy for TV Land back in 2016. Lastly, James Franco’s 2017 film The Disaster Artist featured her as an on-set writer.

Normally, we don’t hear much of Flume’s personal life, let alone love. But once you’ve won a Grammy, all is fair in love and gossip! Wishing these two badasses of their industry a lifetime of success and happiness!