Instagram Announces New IGTV Application For Creators


Just a few weeks ago we heard of reports that Instagram was planning to extend the current video limit to one hour. Currently, it’s capped at one minute only but IG didn’t exactly clarify how the new limit would be implemented. Yesterday, we found out with the unveiling of Instagram‘s newest application called, IGTV.

IGTV looks to become the application that could possibly give popular video streaming site Youtube some serious competition. Accessible from a button inside the Instagram apps home screen, as well as a standalone application, IGTV will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities.

The way IGTV works is that it gives anyone the ability to be a creator, not just big name celebrities. Users can upload vertical videos through both applications as mentioned up to one hour in length. However, new accounts and smaller accounts may see a delay in having the ability to do so right away. However, rest assured, the feature will eventually come out for all to enjoy.

While in the IGTV via the Instagram app or the standalone IGTV application, users will be able to have the choice of viewing a variety of longer-form video or choose from some of the Recommended, Popular videos from the Browse tab. They can also choose from videos from creators they already follow.

IGTV will also allow creators to develop their own channels filled with their own content. It will also allow them to have other users subscribe to their channels. Creators will also be able to include links in the description of their videos to drive traffic where needed.

While users may notice the absence of advertisements throughout the IGTV experience it won’t last long. The CEO of Instagram has said that it is a very reasonable place for ads to end up. He also explained that since creators are investing a lot of time into their IGTV videos, he wants to make that sustainable by offering them a way to monetize them in the future much similar in the way Youtube does.

The application expects to have been rolled out for both Android and iOS users. Make sure to visit your respective app market to download it now.

Feel free to watch the video below to see the demo of it in action.