Modd – Salomeya EP


Modd – Salomeya EP

Modd‘s new Salomeya EP on All Day I Dream Records has arrived! Stanislav and Vladimir, the brains behind Modd, hold previous releases through Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Akbal, and more. The four-track release debuts at 4th on the Beatport “Melodic House & Techno” genre chart.

The group has been quite prolific as of late, releasing singles and podcast sets over the past few months. They struck gold with their single ‘Guron,’ and have followed up with some very groovy tracks on Salomeya. Known for their signature “dreamy” sound, the Russian duo continues to flourish with this release.

The title track ‘Salomeya,’ derived from the Hebrew word for peace, “shalom”, beautifully sets the tone for the album. Featuring some island vocals and utilizing tribal sounds, its upbeat BPMs has you feeling the vibes immediately. The most grounded track on the album possesses many wonderful elements.

The next tune, ‘Ave,’ is a very airy and uplifting one indeed. It takes the BPMs down slightly, and incorporates chanting with some lovely euphoric strings in the breakdown. The low-key bass is almost meditative, and pairs nicely with the next track as another almost-form of meditation. ‘Solar People‘ possesses similar bass elements, but leans on bird sound bytes to lift you up and away.

The final track, ‘The Star Rover,’ brings the listener to the final level of meditative freedom: outer space. The consistent bassline pairs nicely with astrological undertones, placing the listener in the heart of self-reflection. As a result, the pensive album brings both deep vibes and satisfying melodies to all. The over-arching themes of freedom and completeness are omnipresent on this album, creating a sense of belonging.

Keep an eye out on Modd, as this album could vault them into “hot commodity” status within deep house circles. Checkout their full Salomeya EP below on Spotify.

Modd – Salomeya EP