Nicky Romero is Torn Over What to Do with Unfinished Avicii Material


It already feels like Avicii has been gone for a long time, but it has barely been over 2 months. The wounds are still very fresh and the way forward for many is still unclear. In the wake of the Avicii tragedy, it came to light that Avicii had sent demos to a number of artists. Nicky Romero, his ‘I Can Be The One’ collaborator, revealed that he had an entire folder of Avicii demos that he had received from Tim. Nicky Romero has played the nearly finished version of Avicii’s ‘Heaven’ in several shows since his death.

During Ultra Singapore, Nicky was specifically asked about this Avicii material and what he would do with it. He mentioned that he played ‘Heaven‘ as a tribute to Tim. He was also asked if he would complete any of the tracks for release and he revealed his mixed feelings.

“I do have two folders full of, like, Avicii songs that I’m supposed to work on. There is people that approach me if I want to work on those songs, and if I want, maybe, to put them out with them. I don’t know if it morally feels right to me to work on songs that the original composer have not approved. I know that Avicii was really a perfectionist, and I kind of feel bad if I put something out not knowing if he wants to put it out. So thats kind of what holds me back out of respect for him”

You can watch the full interview segment below. What do you think Nicky should do with those Avicii demos?