Paper Diamond’s New Album ‘Holograms’ Is Here


Over the past few years, bass music has truly reached astronomical heights. From the cloud of dust left behind by festival trap producers emerged a brand new scene comprised of heavy, grueling low frequencies curated by a series of unique genre-bending producers like Paper Diamond.

Paper Diamond was thriving even during the years when hip-hop infused trap was all the rage – but now that bass fans have tuned their ears beyond the mainstream, he can go even deeper. His music has never been easy to define, but it’s always been original; his most recent album, ‘Holograms’ furthers this idea.

Returning to A-trak‘s Fool’s Gold Records, this LP offers 11 tracks, all of which will keep listeners on their toes. Influences from across the spectrum of music can be heard throughout while a plethora of impressive collaborators such as JSTJR, Myke Terry, and Rarri provide their own distinct flavor.

Paper Diamond’s ‘Holograms’ LP is out now on Fool’s Gold Records.

Stream the full album below!

Paper Diamonds – Holograms