[Premiere] Hydraulix, Oski & Ian Munro – Stress


Hydraulix, Oski & Ian Monro – Stress

Today, Sydney based DJ/Producer Hydraulix dropped his Kingdom EP on Quality Good Records, and we are pleased to premiere the third track from the offering called ‘Stress,’ featuring fellow Australians Oski & Ian Munro.

Hydraulix and Oski are no strangers to working together in the past; we know you’ve heard their signature “It’s Hydroski” vocal plug in many live sets, and ‘Stress’ just adds another beast of a tune to their collaborative resumé. ‘Stress’ is truly an OG trap banger in all senses of that description. Leading off with a dark and ominous intro, the track builds up with some punchy percussion, culminating in a slow and wonky drop. The second drop keeps it weird, driving the track forward with increased pace and energy. At just 2 minutes and 49 seconds, ‘Stress’ is the type of track that will give you that quick burst of energy in a set when you need it most. The buildup is quick and the beats are wild and unique, so definitely do not sleep on this one from Hydraulix.

The rest of Kingdom dropped today as well, so make sure to show some love to Hydraulix, Quality Good Records and the rest of the collaborators who had a hand in this project, and stream it all below.