Skrillex Hints At New From First To Last Music On Instagram


Skrillex has really been staying under the radar in terms of music lately. Earlier this month, Sonny reminded his fans that he’s still alive and well and that the reason for his absence is just to have some time to himself and be “human”. He closed his message by thanking fans for being patient – but little did we know, we didn’t have to wait too long for new music. Turns out, it just may not be exactly what we were expecting…

Last year, Sonny stirred up a lot of buzz by announcing his return to his post-emo hardcore band, From First To Last. The reunion was fueled by a brand new song called ‘Make War’¬†and while many expected more songs to release from the band, they stayed relatively quiet as well. All that is seemingly about to change as Sonny just shared upcoming plans to release a brand new song with the band called “Surrender”. He shared a screenshot of his From First To Last group chat noting their plans to release their new single for free.

While this is definitely exciting news, I am sure many of us are still patiently awaiting new Skrillex music as well. Only time will tell when Skrillex will make his return to his throne as the king of dubstep – but for now, check out the group chat messages below.