4B x Teez – Whistle (Remix Pack)


4B x Teez

 4B x Teez – Whistle (Remix Pack)

Whistle‘ by 4B and Teez is one of the most iconic songs that’s been a well loved and played at music festivals for some time now. Listeners heard the trap-infused whistle tune and the remixes are finally out! This package includes a total of eighteen tracks and you can expect a variety of styles. The artists that remixed this track are YDG, Schade, YOOKiE, PuroWuan, TYEGUYS, Nitti Gritti, BAILO, NvrLeft, GOMMI, Lit Lords, Aazar, ETC!ETC! & Jay Silva, JSTJR, FIGHT CLVB, Ivan Armilis & Beats Freq, NAZAAR, Ponzoo, and PURARI. Released by Premiere Classe, be sure to raise the volume and turn up to any of these mixes!

Every remix is a must-hear because they all bring out their own sub-genre. Their styles include dubstep, trap, and hardstyle. They all elevate the original by bringing out a heavy bass and massive beats. The excitement is real and you can hear it in the synths and explosive drops. Each song is perfect for getting the party started with its high energy levels. You can check out the remix pack below and a free download is available.

4B x Teez – Whistle (Remix Pack) | Free Download