ANNA Wows in Miami Debut at Floyd


In 2018 the club scene in Miami is shifting big time. No longer do LIV and Story command the latest trends and buzz. Now it’s all about the underground vibe or even clubs that are for the sake of music and dancing rather than table service and snobbery. To that end, it’s all about techno and it’s all about clubs like Space and it’s little neighbor Floyd. Floyd recently played host to the Miami debut of one of techno’s hottest rising stars.

ANNA, hailing from Brazil, has been making major waves in the techno scene and took the decks in Miami for the first time at Floyd. As a very new newcomer on the scene, a more intimate vibe at Floyd was perfect. Floyd is right next to Space and is actually connected to it, but is more more intimate and swanky. It has a speakeasy vibe, and it was packed to the gills for ANNA. She took the decks at around 2am and commanded the crowd for several hours. Like a female Adam Beyer, she hit the ground running and her own personal energy radiated through the venue. She was practically right in the crowd herself as Floyd does not have a raised separated booth.

It was a truly intimate and had an air of exclusivity to it, and if you were trendy enough to know about ANNA you were treated to quite the show.