Arty- Tim (Preview)


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Arty- Tim (Preview)

There are very few artists whose music invokes emotion and nostalgia quite like Avicii’s. Three months have passed since the tragic death of Tim Bergling. Every time one of his songs plays, the raw emotion of nostalgia and mourning take over. It seems trance and progressive producer Arty feels the same way. Since Avicii’s untimely passing, Arty has been teasing a new track dedicated to the late the superstar. Today, we have the official teaser and release date for the upcoming track simply named, ‘Tim’.

Most producers said the one element Avicii excelled at more than anyone else was his ability to make the most unique and beautiful melodies. Arty’s upcoming track, ‘Tim’, is completely melody driven. Using a vintage Avicii piano sound, the melody captivates the listener with an upbeat and gorgeous flow. The short teaser clip posted on Reddit doesn’t include the drop or the build-up. All you hear is the melody, one that clearly has a heavy Avicii influence.

Arty’s tribute track to Avicii will be out everywhere July 27th. Emotions will no doubt be flowing that day. In the meantime, lose yourself in the melody below.

"Tim" – out Friday, July 27th (Audio) from ArtyMusic