Bonnie X Clyde – While We’re Young EP


Bonnie X Clyde – While We’re Young EP

Popular electronic duo, Bonnie X Clyde just released a five song EP titled “While We’re Young‘. Having teased this on Twitter earlier this week, fans can now hear what they’ve anxiously been waiting for. With the mastered ability to combine radio-worthy tracks with hard drops, this album is one to remember.

Having released the first track of the EP back in May entitled ‘The Unknown,’ Paige Lopynski’s ethereal vocals make this track stand out. This track is a powerful ballad with a bouncy bass line, trappy synth, and vocals that are signature of BXC’s style. Their powerful production style brought the rest of the tracks: ‘Do It All Over‘, ‘All For You‘, ‘Live a Little‘, and ‘As It Should‘.

Seeing its release in June, ‘Do It All Over’ is a pop track about life and how routine everything is. Eventually, everything isn’t but we still have the amazing memories and experiences with the people we care about.

We can see a message in the song titles. It may be cliche but it’s true–we can’t fear the unknown. Life is about trusting yourself and knowing anything is possible. Putting everything you have into what you’ve got and to truly believe it, this is what their music stands for.

As long time friends since high school, Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman have come a long way since singing and amateur DJ-ing. Their killer combination of stunning melodies and electronic bass make them the icons of vocal bass. Dominating the electronic dance music circuit, they always pack out a crowd. They’ve played numerous festivals and shows across the country but their career is just getting started. The two undoubtedly have more to come and are robbing the nation with their musical talent.

Listen to the full EP below!