Chromeo Cancels Upcoming Australian Tour Stops for Health Reasons


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When one finds out that their favorite DJ is in town, they count down the days until their performance. Although the dedicated fan can simply show up at the venue and enjoy the show, there are a number of factors that come into play for the musician that many do realize.

The hours of traveling, producing new music, being away from their loved ones, among much more, can certainly take a toll on their overall well-being and has several repercussions if they aren’t feeling top shape. This is the unfortunate case for the electro-funk duo Chromeo.

The Canadian producers have been busy touring the globe with recent performances at Electric Forest and Glitch Mob at Red Rocks. In a recent post, the group has stated that due to their hectic schedules, they were forced to cancel their Australian tour dates in order to focus on their overall health.

Check Out their Official Statement Below:

The ‘Juice‘ musicians have made a point to state that they are doing everything in their power to reschedule their highly anticipated performances in Australia.

Until then, we wish the duo a speedy recovery – health is of the utmost importance!