Creamfields Announce Special Performance By 40-Piece Kaleidoscope Orchestra


Creamfields has revealed loads of surprise announcements these past couple months. It all started with two new revolutionary stages SILO and Generator. On top of that, they announced three surprise sets, one on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! Most recently, we’ve learned about a new festival area called Electric Oasis. This area is an energizing spot for campers to enjoy live music and entertainment all day and night. We’re now 7 weeks away from one of the best parties in the world and we’ve been given one more surprise.

Yesterday, Creamfields announced a special performance to add to the 21st anniversary celebration. For the first time at Creamfields, electronic and classical worlds will unite for a must see appearance Saturday on the Horizon Stage.

The stunning 40-piece Kaleidoscope Orchestra will take the stage and transform our favorite songs into something versions we’ve never heard before. As you might know, Kaleidoscope Orchestra has already made appearances during the Cream Classical shows in Liverpool, London, and Belfast.

Their set will bring together your favorite dance tracks, including a very special homage to a beloved artist. They did not specifically name the artist, but we expect the special tribute will be for Avicii. If you’ve been wanting to attend Creamfields, this is not the year to miss.

Check Creamfields’ official announcement below and get your tickets here!