Watch Out For Darth Vader Pills That Contain Ketamine, MDMA, and Coke


Warning, pills in the shape of Darth Vader are being sold to children in the UK. North and West Devon Police labelled this a high risk and issued a warning about the blue pills. They contain a deadly mix of MDMA, ketamine and cocaine. Four deaths have been inflicted by the substance already within the past two years.

Last year, a 14 year old boy suffered kidney failure after ingesting half a pill. This year, two 15 year old girls and an adult passed away after taking the pill. These deaths occurred in the south west of England and led authorities to suspect another cause of death: benzylpiperazine (BZP). BZP is a recreational drug with euphoric and stimulant properties, but adverse side effects as well. These include renal toxicity, acute psychosis, and seizures–at a young age, this could be fatal.
Detective Constable Chris Empson, of Devon and Cornwall Police, has warned parents and urged them to educate their children on the dangers of drug use. Read the warning tweet from the police station below.

Given these recent events, the UK festival circuit is introducing onsite drug testing. The Home Office stated it will not stand in the way of procedure. This is a new kind of threat, one that isn’t about professional cyber criminality. It is about adolescents being able to now use technology like the dark web to market to younger children for their own personal gain. Being able to “work” in the comfort of their own homes makes the hustle much easier.
Remember, there is no safe dosage for a substance. You risk your life if you take it.