Did Nicky Romero Say He Hopes ‘Heaven’ Won’t Ever Be Released?


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It’s been three months since the tragic death of iconic DJ and producer Avicii. After the opening weekend of Tomorrowland 2018, it remains clear that the Swede will remain in our hearts forever. As the details of Tim Bergling‘s tragic death began to emerge, the world was left in shock. People from around the globe displayed their grief in a variety of ways. His life is an inspiration and a warning to so many in EDM and the world of music at large.

The void of his presence will be felt for generations to come. His memory continues to be honoured, especially by a number of DJs during performances at weekend one of Tomorrowland 2018.

Axwell & Ingrosso paused for an a cappella moment with “Wake Me Up” before mashing it against Swedish House Mafia‘s hit, “Don’t You Worry Child“. Similarily, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike celebrated by saying a speech before mashing the lyrics of “Wake Me Up” against Avicii’s breakout song, “Seeking Bromance“. Don Diablo held a moment of pause, and Hardwell played one of his biggest tunes.

However, there was one set that stood out amongst the others. During the beginning of Nicky Romero‘s set, fans unfolded a huge Swedish flag with a picture of Avicii. The flag was large enough to cover a large section of the crowd. He also played ‘I Could Be The One’ near the middle of his set, which is the song the two artists created together. It shows once more that Tim is not forgotten by either the fans or his colleagues.

Near the end of his incredible set (at about 44:10), Nicky Romero payed tribute to his dear friend, Avicii. As fans know, Nicky Romero has previously revealed that he has “two folders full” of unreleased Avicii material. However, at Ultra Singapore, Romero explained that he may never release the music out of respect for the late EDM megastar:

“I know that Avicii was really a perfectionist, and I kind of feel bad if I put something out not knowing if he wants to put it out. So that’s kind of what holds me back, out of respect for him.”

During his set at Tomorrowland, it sounds as though Romero says, “hopefully it won’t ever ever see the daylight”. This came before playing ‘Heaven‘. He continued saying, “because he sent this special record to me before his passing”. It’s quite difficult to hear exactly what he said over the loud crowd. Romero has previously stated, he doesn’t want to finish Avicii’s songs because it feels morally wrong. Romero has stated that Tim was a perfectionist, and that no one should be finishing the songs except him.

Will ‘Heaven’ ever see the light of day? Watch the clip below and try to decipher what exactly Romero is saying: