Dua Lipa Refuses To Apologize For Self Congratulatory Tomorrowland Post


A few days ago, we reported that Tomorrowland had wrapped up and that Dua Lipa had just performed at her first Tomorrowland. After the festival, she took to her social media to express how she felt on the experience. She stated that she was the first woman artist to play the festival. Unfortunately, she also ended up annoying and offending every woman DJ & artist that had performed at the festival prior to her.

After fellow women DJ artists such as Alison Wonderland and Rezz responded to her post informing her of how mistaken she was, Dua Lipa chose not to respond on the situation until now.

The English singer/songwriter took to social media once again to inform her fans how she felt about the situation:

Clearly, an apology for the tweet would have sufficed. However, it seems that Dua Lipa has instead chosen to turn this into a lesson. Her lesson? That all women should take a step back and choose to stand together rather than let others tear them down.

She also took aim at female DJs by choosing to lash out. She chose to lash out and bring others down. Aside from the delusion of her Twitter thread, she ironically attempted to bring down other women in the industry by calling them “keyboard warriors” and “animals”. Hopefully someone can spark some sense into Dua Lipa and this can be put behind us before Tomorrowland Weekend 2.