Eric Prydz Continues to Impress with HOLO at Belsonic Belfast


We all know Eric Prydz is a wizard when it comes to both music and production. His many monikers and release schedule captivate fans and fellow producers alike. However, one thing that sets Prydz apart from many others is the level of his live productions, known as HOLO.

Prydz first used holograms on his EPIC 3.0 tour, blowing people away with the depth of the visuals. It is so advanced that there is no real affordable or logistical way to have the technology go on a widespread tour.

For this reason, Prydz has selected a few dates a year to show off his new HOLO shows. On June 2nd, Prydz premiered his amazing show in Glasgow, Scotland. On June 30th, he continued his tour in Belfast at Belsonic Ormeau Park.

Thanks to Youtube user, Bryan Romero, we are all able to witness the beauty that is Eric Prydz. Watch below as Prydz presents one of the most impressive live shows to date. Featuring new music from his beloved aliases Pryda, Cirez D, and of course, his signature Eric Prydz sound, the set showcases an abundance of new music and plenty of new IDs.

With recent releases such as “The Future“, “Stay With Me“, and an EP under his alias, Tonja Holma, he continues to prove he is the king of progressive house and one of the greatest producers of all time. This year is certainly going to bring big things for him.

The next and final stop for Prydz will be on August 26th at Creamfields in Daresbury, UK.