Flux Pavilion Released A New Compilation Called ‘Earwax’


We’ve got a bangin’ new compilation for your weekend courtesy of Flux Pavilion. The compilation is titled ‘Earwax,’ one of his most carefully crafted projects ever. It’s a compilation of music new and old that showcases the diversity of the Circus Records catalog. Flux Pavilion has been at the forefront of bass music for over a decade now. From co-founding Circus Records with longtime friend Doctor P to more recently adding to his impressive catalog with a chart-topping debut album ‘Tesla’ with a series of rapturously-received singles and a massively successful ‘Around The World In 80 Raves’ tour, Flux has proven himself quite the musical venturer. Here’s a statement from him:

“A lot of people talk about music, it’s fascinating and powerful stuff, but for me it’s to be listened to. I get tongue tied when I try to explain what it makes me feel because listening to music is purely like nothing else. We release a lot of music on Circus, most of it to be danced to, but all of it to be listened to. This album takes the focus away from the dancefloor and steers it towards the ears, listen to it from front to back and soak it up, that’s what it was made for.”

The compilation holds eleven new tracks from rising artists as well as ten previously released tunes. The tracks of new and old blend together for an incredible bass music journey. The new material belongs to a group of fresh faces on Circus Records. These include South African Khwezi, Japanese DMC champion DJ Kentaro who teams up with DJ Rafik and Yuto. It also contains tracks from the usual musical talent on Circus Records such as Ork¿d, Mark the Beast, Cyran, LUZCID and Big Voyage.

The cherry on top of the album goes to ‘Symphony’ by Flux Pavilion. It features vocals from the incredibly talented Layna. This one sounds like the successor to last year’s gem ‘Cut Me Out.’

Once again the London-based artist has developed a wonderful piece of music for us. Expect to hear more from him in the coming months. Download or stream the compilation below.