Illenium Releases Heartfelt Statement About Struggle with Addiction


Illenium has been on a huge roll this year. Combined with an international grand prize for ‘Crawl Outta Love’ and multiple stellar collaborations with Excision, Kill the Noise and 1788-L, he has shown to be one of dance music’s leading artists. Every artist is human however, and like everyone they can have weaknesses.

Recently, Illenium took to social media to release a heartfelt statement about his struggle with opiate addiction. In the sincere post he gets very personal sharing his overdose on heroin, loss of direction and how music saved his life.

The statement also give background into his new single ‘Take You Down‘ that is to be released this Friday. While the track focuses on addiction and how it can ruin families, it is specifically about his mom and how she never gave up on him. Illenium gets even deeper by making connections to others who are struggling. In summary, the melodic bass producer is thankful for other for sharing their stories, aiding him in finding his passion and ultimately leading music to save his life.

With such an emotional prelude to his next track, we can expect it to possibly pull on some heartstrings. Read the full statement below.