Joeski delivers thoughtful House Music with “Take You Higher” EP on Desert Hearts


JoeskiAs electronic music is characterized by an ever-evolving nature, there are few that can endure the constant change that comes with dance music, and still have the ability to guide it in a new and compelling direction. Inarguably, one of the most prominent acts to shape NYC’s thriving house scene, Joeski began his career in 1991 gracing the stages of local venues such as Palladium and Limelight. With his residencies further propelling him into the ranks of the scene, Joeski took his position as a fixture in the community in stride and immersed himself in production. As a result, the artist has continued to remain one of the most sought out acts in NYC’s house music scene and beyond in his prolific career.

Continuing to build upon his enduring discography, Joeski releases the dynamic Higher EP. Diving into the release, we’re introduced to ‘Take You Higher’. Commencing with a deep throbbing beat, followed by the introduction of glitching synths, Joeski demonstrates his ability to create meticulous compositions with idiosyncratic simplicity. Accented by crisp snares, and a choice sample that calls “to take it higher”, the track does just that, demanding the same appreciation as the applause he samples.

‘The Morning’ is just the kind of House track we eat for breakfast. Joeski emphasizes light percussions and soft tones, building an atmospheric track that transports the listener to what would be a perfect accompaniment to a sunrise. With ‘The Morning’ Joeski further affirms his ability to make thoughtful house tracks. Basking in a delicate quality, as the vocals croon “the morning showers me with sunlight”, ‘The Morning’ brings a refreshing sense of nostalgia. Higher EP is the first release to come off the Desert Hearts Label from the iconic producer, as the community driven techno and house label has welcomed Joeski into the Desert Hearts family.

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